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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

Well, it's Oct. 3rd and there are 8 days left until the NYCC of 2012.  Last year I attended the show mainly for the panel Kickstarter was putting on so I only stayed a couple of days and was not set up in artist alley.  This year I will be set up there in artist alley sharing a table with a friend.  I will tell you more later as I am not sure I should do it now.  I have just opened my con sketch list on twitter and facebook so I'm looking forward to getting a bunch of sketches done before the show.  Something I did for the Baltimore show and I really felt accomplished and able to relax post con.  If you are interested in a con sketch you can email me at, they are $100 a sketch and spots are limited.  Here are a couple of the ones I had left over from the Baltimore show. 

And maybe one day will make it possible for me to arrange thumbnails in such an easy way as to not make me want to punch the computer screen.  :p

But anyway... This time I want to take more pre show commissions and then maybe one a day at the show.  At least that's the idea.  I am looking forward to the show although I do have some bad news.  There will not be copies of the Archaia hard cover version of CPG vol. one available.  There has been a slight delay in the production of the books at the printer.  I've been told we might not even be able to get them in stores before Christmas.  I guess this is just how it goes with every aspect of Cursed Pirate Girl... sloooooowwly.  Nothing new with that, am I right?  :)  Archaia is printing up a special print they will have there at the show, so I will have something to sign.  And I think I'm on a panel, similar to the world building panel I was on in Chicago.  So look for the Archaia booth for signing times and their panel schedule in the program book.  Or hunt me down in artist alley.

Also, the artist alley will not be in it's regular spot.  If you haven't gone to the NYCC website which is here, you might not know this.  So I downloaded the map of the convention for you.  I'm not quite sure I know where this is but I'll be there come Thurs. night. 

Although this could be easier for people who are just coming in, since the ticket pick up is on the same level, who knows.  WOOOOOO!  Comic Con! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Back from Baltimore, Talk Like a Pirate Day and the cons of Oct.

Just drove back from Baltimore this morning.  10 hours of staying awake while listening to Robert Jordan's Knife of Dreams on audio book.  I'm glad that one started picking up, the last couple of books seemed to drag a bit.  So, to all those who might be looking here for the first time and think "Oh, good he must post regularly because I just saw him at the Baltimore Comicon" I'm afraid you will be sorely disappointed.  But at least for now here's some new stuff.  First I'll start off with a couple of birthday presents.  July was the month of creation for both David Petersen and my sister Julie, and here's what I gave them. 

 The witches were the second great race that controlled the waters and the lands they possess in the world of the Omerta Seas.  This is the witch Circ Aileg, the words at the bottom -Majiq Edoui Seccr- I concocted. They might actually translate to something, but I am completely ignorant of it.  For me it means "magic hides within".  I've been developing a lot of back story for the world that Cursed Pirate Girl takes place in.  Hopefully some day you will be able to see it.  :) 

(btw I got a new keyboard so now my parenthesis keys work!)

This is a piece for David's Harry Potter Gallery.  It's a quite impressive gallery, you can check out the rest of the gallery here. 

So I tried something different with my con sketch list for the Baltimore show and I think I like it a lot.  I took a lot of pre show requests the week before and then tried getting them done before the show.  It worked quite well.  I was able to get a lot more done than I usually do.  I took scans of some of them.


I've still got a couple to complete and put up.  Hopefully I will be able to do that sooner than later, but you know me...

Here are a couple of pieces left from San Diego, you might have seen them on Instagram. 

And to finish off the art, here's a piece I did for my friends Anthony and Meagan for their wedding.

 So, this upcoming Saturday, Sat the 15th is Talk like a Pirate Day.  I have been asked to talk about my comic at my local library here in Plymouth.  here's a link to their website where you can see the details.  The only problem with this is that I do not the hardcover edition yet.  But I will try to make it fun regardless. 

 The next comic show I'll be at will be the New York Comicon, I am not on their list online but fret not, I will be there in artist alley.  Now speaking of the hardcover edition of CPG vol. 1, I have been told that Archaia expects the books to be in stores in early November.  They also have said that they will be getting a shipment in so that there will be books available for the New York show.  I will try to get a hold of someone to confirm this.  So cross your fingers everyone, we could be a month away from seeing this thing! WOOOO!  I will be opening the sketch list for that show starting Oct. 7th.  After that you can find me at the Detroit Fanfare show the 26th through the 28th of Oct.  This year they are holding the show in back in Dearborn.  And that's a lot closer (to me) than last year's Cobo show.  Here's the link to their site. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Scary Chicago show, Wandering in New York and Kermit

Well I just finished up a piece for a show in Chicago later this month.  Got it finished right under the wire.  The piece is called- the Last Witch's Head at the Wall of the Man's Ruin, the show is called Grand Guignol II: Haxan- Satan + the women who love him.  You can see more about this show here.  And here is a little sneak peek detail shot of my contribution to it.
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the opening of Haxan, Emily is putting on a horse show and I will be helping her out.  It should be a great show the list of artists is quite impressive.

I will be going to the New York Comic Con, but alas only as an attendee. has graciously asked Tom and I to be a part of their panel on Fri.  We'll be talking about how amazing Kickstarter is and tell you how easy it can be to get money for publishing your own project.  I will also be making an announcement about the future home of Cursed Pirate Girl at the panel, and I might have posters to hand out too!  Here are more details on the panel as well as who else will be up there.
This will be the first time I've attended a comic con without setting up in... 6 years[?].  It'll be fun though that just means I get to walk around a bunch and actually see a show.  I'll probably go pester these two since they will have tables there, David Petersen and Katie Cook.  I will also be dropping off a limited edition sketch cover CPG to my pal Jimmy Aquino for his Comic News Insider charity raffle.  I'll try posting a scan of it just before I leave next Thurs.

The next show I will be setting up at is the NC comicon.  I had a great time last year and they said I could come back this year, so I am.  I like NC, you guys rock, you've been good to me in the past so let's hope the same goes for Nov.  Here is more on that show.

Here are some con sketches that I was able to complete from the Cincinnati Comic Expo and the Detroit Fan Fare.  Both of which I had a great time at.  For the Cincinnati show Emily and I were lucky enough to spend some time with the talented Tony Moore and his wife the amazing Kara Fairfield.  They were both really cool and welcomed us into their home, they might be giving Guy Davis a run for his money as the nicest person in the comic biz.  I'd love to see a three way nice-off, maybe at next year's C2E2... eh?  Anyway, thanks a lot for being so frickin welcoming!  Aaaaaand now here are some pictures, enjoy...?