Sunday, July 31, 2011

More sketches... overdue

Here's the rest of the con sketches I owe to people.  I hope this is the rest of them.  I will be opening another 6 spots for the Baltimore show.

Friday, July 29, 2011

post Comicon post... heh

Ok, last week was the San Diego Comicon.  As I'm sure a lot of you already know.  Highlights of the show for me [since I was stuck behind a table for the whole time] were-
   I got to shake hands and meet with Aaron Horkey [!!!!!] I think this guy is a genius and here's some proof.
   I attended the Eisners and saw a lot of people I sorta know win awards for being extremely talented, and one guy I really know win an award for being extremely talented and for what turned out to be a great idea.  Congratulations Mr. David Petersen and all those who participated in his Mouse Guard anthology book Legends of the Guard.  Which I had a lil story in myself I might add.
   I met Andy Serkis, whom I highly admire, and got to shake his hand as well.  I thought I did a pretty good job of not totally geeking out all over him.  I am happy his kids seemed like they really liked Pook [that's a character from my book and it is not misspelled, it ends with a "k"]. 
   Ooh I also saw Ron Perlman walk by as we were getting Pink Berry one night.
   Emily and I picked up a couple of great books [not so much comic related], I found a copy of The Twelve Dancing Princesses illustrated by K.Y.Craft and Emily found a great !! copy of Anderson's Fairy Tales illustrated by Harry Clarke.  Which I did not know existed.
    And just having a great time after the show every night with friends and going to great restaurants and eating great food.

 I had a great spot this year and met a lot of new fans, current fans, and surprised a bunch of people who had never heard of me before.  Here are a few con sketches I did over the week we were there.  Spoiler alert! to those I owe these to.

Queen of Hearts and Alice
forest demon

Victorian Emily
Knight of the Omertas
CPG coat of arms
CPG fishing

 Over all SDCC was great!  Thank you so much Katie and Ryan for making the show even better and a lot closer.  I love doing that show and I'm always looking forward to it throughout the year.  It does take a lot out of you, I'm in day 3 of recovery.  Our plane left San Diego around 10:30 mon. night and we didn't get home until 11:00pm tues.  Still trying to work through all the con sketches that I owe people from previous shows. 

Now I have the Baltimore Comicon just up ahead Aug. 20th and 21st!  It looks to be a really great show and a much lighter con.  Baltimore is boasting such great guests as Stan Lee, Bernie Wrightson, Adam Hughes, Geoff Darrow and so many more.  Check out their site here.  I really look forward to this show every year too, it's in a really nice spot and has lots to offer.  Hope to see you there!

Monday, July 4, 2011

tentacles and skulls... spoiler alert for people who I owe stuff to.

A little catch up first.  The 25th of last month [June] was my birthday!  I spent it in Traverse City as a guest of the Cherry Capital Con.  I really like that show, it's a small show in comparison with Heroes but the folks that put it on and the volunteers take care of you.  The city itself has lots of neat features as well. Good restaurants, you got a couple of vineyards like Black Star Farms, it's right on the water, there's the casino [which I'm told was very good to a couple of the comic guests], and one of the best mom and pop style used/new book stores I've ever been to- Horizon Books [which Emily and I were very good to].  If you live somewhat near by I suggest you think about planning on attending next year, I know I will be.

Heroes Con went by as well and I had an amazing time in Charlotte.  Again, thank you so very very much to Shelton, Rico, Andy and the rest of the crew for letting me be a part of it!  That's another show that I will be putting on the "Must attend every year from now on" list.

Mad Eye Moody
So I'm sure you all know how friggin slow I am, and I apologize to all the patrons who I still owe drawings to. I did warn you... I'm not saying I'm not a jerk, but I did warn you.  Here are a couple of con sketches I've finished up.  This isn't all the con sketches I have finished, so if yours isn't up here, that doesn't mean I haven't started and or finished it.

Older CPG
Emily and I just got back from celebrating her mother's birthday in a cottage she rented for this past weekend up north.  It was a cute little place right on a river [I don't know which so don't even ask].  It was about an hour away from Tawas MI. I know at least that much.  We arrived on Sat. just after lunch time and returned Sun. evening.  It was a short visit but turned out to be very beneficial. 

We love going to antique stores and there were a couple in town about 15 min. from the cottage.  We were practically rushed out of the first one because they were closing at 5 and we entered at quarter till.  Nothing quite remarkable in that store besides the large selection of antique farm equipment which Emily was drooling over.  The second shop had it's door wide open but the sign said it was also open until 5, at which point it was 5:08.  We inquired within and the gentleman replied "I'm still here so I guess I'm still open" and bid us to take our time.  It was at this store we came across the coolest thing we'd ever seen at a rinky dink little antique store.  And the best part was the price tag said $200.  We decided to sleep on it.  The next day it was the first thing we talked about and we both decided it was a MUST HAVE!  So after going to the beach in East Tawas we drove straight to the shop and made the purchase.  Anyway, here it is...
Pretty cool huh?!  We don't have a name yet but I'll let you know when we do.  This is our first BIG taxidermy purchase and we are loving it!  We just need a really good place to put it.

So here's one more image, a graduation gift.  Hopefully he doesn't follow my blog... :p  More fun with microns.  I had another pic I was going to put up that would have helped with the whole "tentacles and skulls" label but I was told I'd have to wait to post that.  So you'll be able to see a new T-shirt design probably after San Diego.  Which will probably be my next post. heh