Thursday, May 19, 2011

June shows

So I finished the charity piece that will be up for auction at Heroes Con in a couple of weeks.  It's based off of a Hendrik Goltzius engraving from 1586 entitled Haratius Cocles, from a series he did of The Roman Heroes. 

my sillied up version

I'm really looking forward to this show.  Last year I had really low expectations due to it was the first time I was doing the show and the fact that I was all alone.  My fears were completely unfounded and I had one of the greatest conventions ever!  So don't let me down Charlotte... ;]  This year I will also be doing the show solo but at least I have an idea of what to expect.  Olympian is still working on the added incentive Kickstarter poster, so I don't know if I will have any of those available at the show or not.  You can at least bid on an original Cursed Pirate Girl piece and help make next years show even better.  I believe I'll even be on a panel this year.  So you should definitely come to that and watch me be real nervous, I bet if you look closely enough you'll see my heart trying to escape the cavity of my chest just like a baby Alien. 

The rest of June will be spent working ferociously trying to make up for going to cons and then toward the end of the month the 25th and 26th Emily and I will be in Traverse City for C3 or Cherry Capital Con.  A couple of things that need to get done that weekend... First a trip to Horizon Books [to spend a bunch of money] and then we will need to find a theater so we can see the extended cut of LOTR Return of the King.  The 25th is also my birthday.  You should come just to say Happy Birthday.  You should also come because they're gonna have a bunch of great guests. Besides Traverse City is frickin gorgeous and tasty, what could you want more for a convention backdrop.  Hope to see you at either of these shows.


  1. Have fun at Heroes Con! A lot of my former classmates from SCAD go to that show, I'll tell them to stop by your table.

  2. Fingers crossed for C3. Love the charity piece! Thx for the Sgt. Pepper sketch from the Motor City Con. One more and the band will be done.

  3. Just look at those lines, stunning!

  4. Hey from Charlotte Jeremy. My brother and I came by your table near the end of the day on Saturday. We bought some prints from you and I just wanted to let you know how awesome they look. I'm now a big fan of your work. I meant to grab a promo card from you but I forgot... If you have a postcard or something I'd love to get one from you. Hope you had a great convention and hope to see you back next year!