Monday, August 29, 2011

What I had left from Baltimore

So this is a new one, I actually have finished all the sketches I had left over from Baltimore.  Thank you very much to everyone who stopped by the table or contacted me via email to commission these. 

Ironically I did all these while listening to the audio book of It.  That's such a cool creepy book.  I really have got to get an audible account.  So the next show I'll be at is the Detroit Fanfare show at Cobo Hall in just a couple of weeks.  I'll open up the list for con sketches the week preceding the con, again there will be 8 available slots.  I'll only take 4 before the show and the other half during.  If you're interested they will be $100 for something like you see here.  You can email me at  


  1. Man alive, you are one of my all time favorite artists

  2. Hello Jeremy, I can't find your email anywhere, so I have to contact you this way. How do I go about buying a copy of the tbp of the first 3 issues of Cursed Pirate Girl? I live in Australia, so mail order is my only recourse :D
    Also, how much do you charge for commissions?
    Please respond to if its not too much trouble.
    Thank you!