Saturday, February 4, 2012

a new print... and where you can get it.

Well I just came home from the MSU Comics Forum in East Lansing and it was a pretty swell show.  I realizied I have been toting the same set of prints around for some time, I needed to offer something new.  So the past few days I've been furiously working on a new print and finished it up last night.  It got me thinking of the mythology of the Omerta Seas.  I've got a lot of ideas I'm going to be working into the story.  But, I can't tell you about them now.  Sorry.  Here's the print though, "the Sea King as a baby, saves his mother from the eel garden"

detail of the Sea King
I will have something in the background of issue one of vol. two, the Bright Star.  So when that comes out you will have completely have forgotten about this post anyway.  ;] .  And here's the con sketch I did for the show at MSU-

Queen of Blades
I really want to do a set of playing cards...  I just don't know when I will have the time...

So, here's a list of conventions I will be attending [thus far]:

Mar. 24th and 25th- Planet Comicon Kansas City, KS.
April 13th-15th- C2E2 Chicago, IL.
April 21st and 22nd- Boston Comic Con Boston, MA.
May 25th-27th- Cherry Capital Con Traverse City, MI.
June 22nd-24th- Heroes Con Charlotte, NC
July 11th-15th- San Diego Comic Con San Diego, CA.
Sept. 8th-9th- Baltimore Comic-Con Baltimore, MD.
Oct. 26th-28th Detroit Fanfare Dearborn, MI. 
Nov. 17th and 18th- NC Comicon Durham, NC.

I will be bringing prints to all of these.  I don't sell them online just because they are really time consuming and I can't keep a full stock on hand.  I print up and tea-stain what I need right before a show.  I will also be taking con sketch requests again, you could follow me on twitter to see when I open the list to those who can not travel to shows.  Just as long as you know it could take me a while to get it done and to get out to a post office. :]


  1. I don't want to come of as rude, so please forgive the question, but how much will you be selling the prints for?

  2. The new print is amazing, it's incredible that each piece you create gets better and better! So gorgeous =)

  3. After seeing "The Queen of Blades", I would love to see you do a Tarot card set. Sure, it would be quite the undertaking, but it would be fantastic!

    Great work as usual, Jeremy!

  4. I came to Planet Comicon today in Kansas and was astounded by you artwork, I came back but you were gone, I wanted to ask more about how you go about doing your drawings. Onc of the best finds at Comicon thus far.

  5. Dearest Jeremy! I can't bear the thought that you won't be in the DC area until September. Please! Please! there must be some way other, short of flying to Chicago, so see the work in person. any suggestions?

    also, Tarot card set...brilliant idea...

  6. Jeremy,

    Got to meet you at Planet Comicon in KC this weekend and really enjoyed it! The artwork and prints you had were amazing! I've never seen such attention to detail. Can't wait until the trade is availabe from Arcadia.


  7. How much do you sell the Sea King print for??