Tuesday, January 29, 2013

London in t-minus 23 days

Yes, I am very honored to be a guest at the London Super Comic Con next month!  Here's a link to their site.  I have never been overseas before so this is going to be very exciting.   Emily and I are planning on staying through til the following weekend.  So we get about a week of sightseeing in.  The one place I'm really looking forward to visiting is Portsmouth and climbing all over the HMS Victory.  This will be the first convention I will have the hardcover Archaia edition of Cursed Pirate Girl available at.  I hope I've  some fans over there, I know I've mailed con sketches to England and Norway before so there is a chance.  The fine folks who put on the show asked me to contribute to their program book so I finished up a piece I was originally trying to have completed for the LA gallery show.  They have already posted the winner of the original on their FaceBook page so I guess I can post it here.  I am also using this as a new display poster for the show.

In other news, I have opened an online store.  Now everyone who cannot make it out to one of the few conventions I have on my schedule can still purchase a print.  I have all the tea stained prints I produce for shows available as well as the plushy Pook the Tarantula doll.  There will be more in the near future.  Here's the link to the store

Aaaaand speaking of the Archaia hard cover... I walked into a Barnes and Noble the other night, and regardless of what my wife says I didn't plan the trip just to look for this, but, I did see this little fellah on the top shelf.  It made my night.  So I thought I'd share this pic with you as well.

So thank you everyone who has purchased a copy of it, I owe you all so much.  Sorry it will be so long until you get more.  I am happy to report that I'm nearly half way done with the next issue and I think you will be quite pleased with it.  There's so much more going on in this next one. :)


  1. Just picked up "Cursed Pirate Girl" from my favorite comic book shop, Carol & John's in Cleveland, Oh. To say the art work is gorgeous is an understatement. Archaia put out a beautiful hard back. I bought it with my niece in mind, but think I just might keep this one for myself.
    I can't wait to read the story, but had to find out more about you and your work. My husband tells me his friend is a fan, and has originals from some cons, I will have to check them out.
    Best of luck in your travels and you Sir, have a new fan.

  2. Hi Jeremy

    A real delight to meet you and your good lady across the pond! Glad you were a sucess and hope you enjoyed the chill out time afterwards to do a bit of sightseeing. Looking forward to reading the book and thanks again for the wee sketch and for being a real sport.

    Check out my blog show report for a cheesy London photo of you!

    LSCC - Moments of Discovery!


    Colin M

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  4. Jeremy, I am definitely a HUGE fan! Is it possible to get a commission by you through the mail--I tried contacting you earlier but didn't hear----if so please email me @ nszerdy@gmail.com thank you good sir! -all the best

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  8. Grabbed my copy of Cursed Pirate Girl from post office on Monday. Jeremy, it is gorgeous! And your drawings are so inspiring! Pleasure to read, to look at those lines of yours and edition is VERY good. Pleasant to touch and turn pages. Please keep drawing!

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