Friday, February 11, 2011

Book signings

On Wed. I had a great time at Green Brain comics signing copies of the collected vol. one of CPG.  I would really like to thank Dan and Katie for letting me set up at their wonderful store.  It really is one of the friendliest comic shops I've ever been to.  If you're in the area, you have to stop by, they've got a lot of stock.  I was able to pick up Weathercraft by Jim Woodring while I was there.  They also have a great get together of local artists and do a comic jam every wed.
Green Brain's site 
this is me at the last Green Brain- Cursed Pirate Girl issue 3 signing

Tomorrow I will be signing at the coolest shop in Ann Arbor, Vault of Midnight.  Liz and Curtis have a really cool story of how they started their store.  They first sold comics and Spawn figures [that's one of the things I remember most, all those variant paint jobs hanging off twine on their walls] right out of their house.  Now they have a very prominent location on Main st. in Downtown Ann Arbor, the place is gorgeous and chocked full of neat stuff.  One of my favorite purchases I have made in the past is my three part promotional poster for Hellboy: Wake the Devil.  I had that up on my wall whilst I was living with some friends from highschool and the mother of one of my friends asked concernedly to her son, "does Jeremy worship the devil?" heh heh heh, I haven't razzed him about that in a while, I'll be seeing him tomorrow, if I can just remember... heh.  Oh and the answer is no... just in case you are too much of a dullard.   I still don't know how I'm gonna frame that poster triptych.  Anyhoo... Vault of Midnight If you're in Ann Arbor tomorrow around 4:00 pm and you see this store front, come on in and check out my lil comic book whydoncha.

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  1. Hi, Jeremy! I met you at Green Brain on Wed. I was the girl talking about Steampunk. Anyway, I just finished CPG and holy hell! I loved it! You've definitely got a new fan, and I asked my comic friend out in Minnesota if he'd heard of CPG, so he's going to check it out now, too.

    I mentioned World Steam Expo in Dearborn. It's in May, not March, and here's a link:

    Once again, it was great meeting you. I really should've picked up the art you had as well -- I could just kick myself! But I'm sure I'll see you around town sometime. Oh, and I follow you on Twitter as citizen_word, if you're wondering who the heck that is. :)