Friday, February 18, 2011

my very favorite book

Before I get into the titular topic I would like to thank a couple of blokes.  Mark Boss, Zack Smith, and Julio Pech.  These three gents have gone a considerable length in getting people interested in Cursed Pirate Girl.  Mr. Boss is solely responsible for this , the Cursed Pirate Girl Yahoo group.  There are tons of images of artwork for CPG, commission pieces, and even windows I had painted for the art store I used to work at.  I highly recommend signing in.

Well, my favorite book is called "the Ship's Cat".  I have mentioned this book before in various interviews but I have never really gushed, until now.  Have a look see-

Without this book I probably wouldn't be the artist I am now.  It is written by Richard Adams and illustrated by Alan Aldridge.  I grew up with this book and I think every one should own a copy.  Every time I see it in a used book store I have to resist buying it again and again.  It wasn't until about 4 years ago I discovered a series of other books he illustrated that I have become equally obsessed with.  
These books are absolutely marvelous!  You NEED these books!!  They all go deep into the fabric of Alan's imagination and it is a great experience.  That's all, you can thank me later.


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  1. The Ships' Cat was brilliant! I still have my copy from when I was a kid, though it's a tad more worn than it was back then! My favorite was that early shot with the cat and crew of pirates leaning over the side of the ship getting ready for battle.