Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tink preview

Hey!  I almost forgot!  Thanks to Katie Cook I found out that Darkhorse has a preview for the Tink one shot book I did some work in on their site.  You can see one of the pages I did for it.  It's the last page in the preview, here check it out.  Heeeheeeheee!  I'm extremely thankful for this reeeeallly cool opportunity.  Thank you so much Felicia for wanting me to contribute to your baby and I don't mean in a procreative/Serpentor sort of way [you know cause they spliced a whole bunch of dead guy dna to create Serpentor, and cause I said contribute... errr... anyway]!  Dark Horse is my favorite publisher!

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  1. I mean after Olympian Publishing... heh, you know that right Tom?