Saturday, March 5, 2011

some me stuff and some more lucky images

I don't really have an agenda as far as what to post for right now.  I'm still on the Kickstarter print, and getting closer to the finish.  Emily suggested I post some stuff about me, soooo here's a couple of things.  I'll put some art at the bottom so if you want you could always just skip all this personal stuff, heh heh. 
I grew up in Ypsilanti MI, famous for the phallus shaped water tower just across from Eastern Michigan University.  Oh and home to Eastern Michigan University.  Some things you might not know about myself:

My mom worked at Katherine's Catering, the catering company that is used by Domino's world headquarters and located inside Domino's world headquarters.  That's Domino's Pizza by the way.  She got to meet a lot of famous people and collected some autographs for me.  I still have [somewhere] an autographed Al Kaline baseball, Tom Monahan owned [if not still owns] the Detroit Tigers baseball team.

additional items about Domino's world headquarters, there's a petting zoo, an antique car museum, a Franklin Lloyd Wright museum, and a secret Noid [you remember- avoid the noid] gift shop not open to the public.  At least that's what was there when I was like 11.

My dad worked for and retired from GM.  A job he did not particularly enjoy but had to endure due to having two sons and a wife to provide for.  He has always said that heaven on earth is making a career out of what you love to do.  I've very much taken those words to heart.

My brother is my best friend and always has been.  Growing up I did not socialize well.  He has always been more responsible than I and more technologicallly advanced. 

I started playing the saxophone in the 5th grade and only stopped after highschool.  By my senior year in highschool I was 1st chair [of two people...] tenor saxophone. 

Oh and I forgot my saxophone when Symphonic Band went to NY on band tour... heh ... heh... errr... I've always been a little freaked out by travel.  I've gotten better about forgetting reeeally important stuff.

I might have mentioned this one before, I apologize if I'm being repetitive about any of these.  My left ear was partially torn off by my dog when I was 17 and regardless of what was stitched back it is not a complete ear. 

I left Ypsilanti almost immediately after I graduated YHS in 96 and went out to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  Met some great creative people that I'm glad I can call friends.  I sometimes still have dreams about returning to AIP to take more classes.

I also still have nightmares about showing up for a band concert with a brand new reed and not being able to play.  You know what I'm talking about woodwinds...

So that's some inside info for ya, now here's some artwork.  These pieces are also from "Your Lucky Book".  The elephant piece I was very happy with until I saw it in print.  It was shrunk considerably and you couldn't see all the texture I put into him.  The second piece with the spider and the rabbit had to be split up a little in the book, so for the first time you can see what it was supposed to look like here.

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  1. Wow! Just love these pieces, you are an amazing artist!!